Famous Hotspots Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans – Zaandam

Zaanse Schans is one of the most historical places of Holland where [...]


Biggest park in Amsterdam The Vondelpark is an elongated and also the [...]

Leidse Square

Leidse Square (Leidseplein) is a square at the southern end of Amsterdam’s [...]

Museum Square

Museum Square (Museumplein) is a public space in Amsterdam. Three major museums [...]

Artis Zoo

Royal zoo Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo (also known as: Natura Artis Magistra) [...]

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is the original house and museum dedicated to [...]

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum is a museum dedicated to the Dutch painter [...]


The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of 16 state museums in The [...]

Public Transport Amsterdam

The public transport network in Amsterdam is impressively convenient to get around with. The network includes metros, buses, trams, ferries and NS trains. There are a lot of different tickets to use Amsterdam’s public transport. The OV-chipcard is the most common card to travel with. This is a chip card where you travel on credits and pay per distance. There are also paper tickets with an electronic chip that range from one hour tickets to multiple day tickets. We understand that all these tickets might confuse you. Through this page we want to help visitors from all over the world to optimize their stay whatever the duration is.

Read our detailed explanations about the availble options here

All Amsterdam Public Transport Tickets

Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

Public Transport Amsterdam Day Ticket- GVB

 9,00 41,00

Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

1-Hour transport ticket Amsterdam


National Public Transport Tickets Holland

The Personal OV-chipcard


Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket 1, 2 or 3 day

 21,00 40,50

National Public Transport Tickets Holland

Public Transport Chip Card

 8,50 60,45

Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

Amsterdam Day Ticket for Children


Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

Amsterdam Travel Ticket 1 Day, 2 Days or 3 Days

 18,00 30,00

National Public Transport Tickets Holland

Amsterdam Airport Express E-Ticket Return


Short Stay – Amsterdam Day Tickets

If you are planning to stay in Amsterdam for a few days it is handy to buy one of the following separate tickets. Depending on your plans there are a lot of options.

  • A GVB hour ticket; allows you free travelling with GVB for one hour, very handy when you are going to use the public transport a few times only.
  • A GVB 2×1 hour ticket;  to travel with GVB for two times one hour, very convenient when you are will be using the public transport only a few (2) times.
  • A GVB day ticket will give you unlimited  travelling with GVB for 1,2,3,4,5 up to 7 days. GVB is the major carrier in Amsterdam centre with blue/white busses & trams.
  • An Amsterdam travel ticket allows you to travel limitless with all carriers in and around Amsterdam, including from and to Schiphol, for 1, 2 or 3 days.
  • The Amsterdam & Region travel ticket for unlimited travelling in Amsterdam and it’s surroundings for 1, 2 or 3 days with all carriers. With this ticket you can explore the beaches of Zandvoort, Edam’s cheese market, Zaanse Schans, fishermans village Volendam, the Aalsmeer flower auction, Keukenhof Gardens and many other beautiful sights.
  • The Holland travel ticket is a day ticket  that can be used in all trains, buses, trams and metros in the whole of Holland/ The Netherlands.
  • Furthermore there are day tickets for EBS a smaller carrier in the Amsterdam region, primarily to Volendam & Purmerend.

National Public Transport Tickets Holland

Public Transport Chip Card

 8,50 60,45

Long stay – Public transport chip card

When you are staying in Amsterdam for more than 7 days it might be beneficial to buy a public transport chip card (ov-chipkaart) instead of day tickets. With the public transport chipcard you only pay for the distance you actually travel.

The public transport chip card is a plastic card that let you travel on credits. Travelling with the public transport chip card is very easy because it allows you to travel with all the carriers including the NS (Dutch railway).Customers can buy this card in our webshop for € 7,50. Customers can also upload the card with credits at your arrival in Amsterdam or Airport Schiphol and reload the card during your stay.

Buy your Public Transport Chip Card

Amsterdam Transporter GVB

Most of the public transportation is operated by GVB. They own the the busses, trams and the metro system. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, then one of there day tickets will definitely come in handy!See the information below on how the trasport system works!

Metro in Amsterdam

All of Amsterdam’s metro stations, operated by GVB, are gated with check-in and check-out ports that open with a public transport chip card or another travel ticket.The metro in Amsterdam is especially efficient to travel to the edges of the city and the center of the city. With the North-South Metro Line, you can get to the center within les then 20 minutes.

Buses in Amsterdam

The buses in Amsterdam are operated mainly by GVB, Connexxion and EBS.  All buses have check-in and check-out ports meaning that you can check in with a public transport chip card and check-out. You cannot buy a ticket on the bus with cash money anymore.

Trams in Amsterdam

The tram is one of the most popular ways of transportation in the city centre of Amsterdam, the network is large and highly reliable. All trams are operated by GVB and you need a public transport chip card or other valid Amsterdam tram tickets, such as a GVB ticket or an Amsterdam travel ticket, to be able to travel.It is not possible anymore to buy a ticket on the tram with cash money.

Ferries in Amsterdam

North Amsterdam is separated from the centre by a large canal called: the IJ. The most convenient way of crossing this canal, is to take a ferry. Because there are a lot of ferries operating in a short route you rarely have to wait more than a few minutes. Most of the ferries depart outside the Amsterdam central station.other places to get on board are displayed below. The best thing about this service is that it is absolutely FREE!

NS Trein in Amsterdam

Traveling using the railway network requires a public transport chip card or a one way ticket. Please note that in order to be able to travel by train the credits on your chip card must be at least € 20,-

Amsterdam Tourist Hotspots

Are you visiting the Dam Square or rather the Anne Frank House? You will find the best must-sees on our Tourist Hotspots Amsterdam page. These hotspots are all accessible by tram, subway or bus. We have already figured out for you which public transport ticket you can use. View our Amsterdam Tourist Hotspots here.View our Amsterdam Tourist Hotspots here »