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2×1-Hour transport ticket Amsterdam GVB


The 2×1-Hour transport ticket Amsterdam allows travel from your first check in for two hours on all routes by the main transport company of Amsterdam, GVB.


2×1-Hour transport ticket Amsterdam
A 2×1-Hour transport ticket Amsterdam allows you to travel unlimited with GVB for two times one hour, very handy for travellers without a public transport chipcard.

€ 6,10 per ticket.
Children under the age of 4 can travel for free.

Where and when is this ticket valid?
The tickets are valid in all buses, trams and metro’s operated by the GVB.
The tickets are not valid in buses, trams and metro’s from other carriers like Connexxion, EBS or NS(trains).

How to use?
The GVB 2×1 hour ticket is a disposable chipcard wich you can use to travel trough Amsterdam for 2 hours. You have to check in and check out everytime you enter or leave the bus, tram or metro.



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