Leidse Square

leidseplein_2Leidse Square (Leidseplein) is a busy square at the southern end of Amsterdam’s central canal ring, almost facing the popular Vondelpark. Leidseplein serves as a transport hub in the city, with a number of tram lines intersecting here, as well as a centre for nightlife and shopping.

There are a lot of entertaining services to be found here. A common fixture of this entertainment focused square is the street performers. From acrobatic break-dancing to freestyle jazz on the double bass, there is always something to see.

During the summer months, the other side of Leidse Square is taken up by the large terraces of the bars lining the square. Here, tourists and locals sit back and relax with a drink while taking a break in their shopping trip or on their way to the nearby Museum Square to take in more sights. During colder times of the year the terraced area is covered by an outdoor skate rink, while hot food stalls appear throughout the square.

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