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Travelling within Utrecht by public transport is straight forward and convenient. The extensive network is operated by public transport company
U-OV and connects all different parts of the city by trams and buses. If you are visiting Utrecht the public transport system is the most convenient  way to travel within the city.

Day tickets

Depending on your travel plans and the duration of your stay, there are a number of different public transport passes that are especially valuable for visitors:

  • Utrecht Day Ticket: One day of free travelling trough Utrecht for € 6,20   Only valid on trams and buses  operated by U-OV in Utrecht.

Public transport chip card

When you are staying in Utrecht for more than 7 days it might be beneficial to buy a public transport chip card (ov chipkaart) instead of day tickets. With the public transport chipcard you only pay for the distance you actually travel, with a one way ticket you pay for the whole trip. The public transport chip card is a plastic card that lets you travel on credit. Travelling with a public transport chip card is very handy because it allows you to travel with all the carriers including the NS (Dutch railway). Customers can buy this card in our webshop for € 7,50.  Customers can also load the card with credit before you arrive in Utrecht.

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On this website you can buy all these products in advance and they will be delivered to your home address, hotel, company. The products can also be delivered at our servicestore at the  Airport Schiphol  to be fetched upon arrival.