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Check here our most frequently asked questions. Is your answer not here? Please contact our customer service. You can fill in our contact from below.  We will respond within 24 hours.

Do you have a question about an existing order?
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Have you ordered a travel balance or a subscription in our webshop? Then your order is ready to be picked up. You can pick it up at one of the OV machines in the bus, train or metro station, supermarket or tobacco shop.

Go to the machine with your OV chip card, choose ‘pick up order’ and then follow the instructions on the screen. If there is a malfunction when retrieving your balance or subscription, please contact us via our customer service or via the telephone number on your order confirmation.

Have you placed an order in our webshop? Then it will be sent the same day via International Shipping. If your delivery address is correct, but your order is not delivered within 8 business days, please contact us.

This can be done via the contact form below. We will then provide a suitable solution.

How do I choose my center zone?
The whole of the Netherlands is divided into zones for public transport. The zones are specially intended for the ‘region’ subscriptions to determine in which regions you can travel with your subscription. See the zone map to determine your zone and star value on the zone tool

How do I choose my star value?
The star value is the number of zones you can cover from your zone. The ‘first’ star value is the zone.
See the zone map to determine your zone and star value on the zone tool and star value tool

Need advice?
The OVshop is happy to help you! For €9.95, one of our experts will give you extensive travel advice.
This can be ordered here.

The personal OV chip card is issued by Translink Systems, we offer a solution for people who don’t have a Dutch bank account in order to process a Personal OV-chip card. They will deliver your personal OV-chipkaart within 10 working days. For questions about the delivery of your personal OV-chipkaart, you can contact the OV-chipkaart customer service on 0900-0980 (usual call charges) or

Unfortunately, the Public Transport Holland cannot provide insight into travel transactions. Below we provide you with the details of the companies that are able to do this.
You can create a personal account via this site so that you can view and print your public transport travel transactions. (train only)
You can create a personal account via this site so that you can gain insight into only your train journeys.

Public transport machines of the NS, RET and GVB
You can view your transactions at the OV machines and you can also make a printout of this.

OVpay travelling with debit-/creditcard

Now you can travel with your debit/creditcard in all public transport in The Netherlands!

Since February 2024 it is now possible to travel with all public transport  in The Netherlands with your bank-/debit-/ or credit card. In all PTO-vehicles or Railway Station entrances you will be able to check-in and check-out with your bank/credit card or your mobile smartphone. This system is called: OVpay.

To travel with Public Transport with your own bank/credit/debit cards is safe, fast and can be trusted, (i.e. Europay, Mastercard en Visa). With this safe technology you may enter all PTO-vehicles and PTO-gates to start travelling.
The system will collect your travelling expenses per day and at the end of the day the total amount will be charged to your account.

OVpay has a separate client service desk on phone number 0900-1433 (normal tarif) or via or from a non-residence phone number you may call: +31 10 892 50 63.

The OVpay client service is available from monday through friday from 7.00 hrs to 21.30 hrs. in weekends and holidays from 10.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs.

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