Entrance Vondelpark

Biggest park in Amsterdam

The Vondelpark is an elongated and also the biggest park in Amsterdam, opened in 1865. Since 1996, the park has been a national monument. It is the best known and most visited park in Amsterdam. In addition to the local population, many tourists also know how to find their way to this park. On average, the park has 10 million visitors a year. The park is located in the Amsterdam South district, on the border with the district of Amsterdam West. It extends from the Stadhouderskade to the Amstelveenseweg.


This park is a place for residents and visitors to relax and escape the busy city of Amsterdam. In the summer you will find people taking naps, studying, playing sports or just enjoying the sun. 

On the 27th of April the famous nationale kingsday is celebrated exuberantly in the Vondelpark. Many families come here early in the morning with their childeren to sell all their old toys, clothing, videogames and many more second hand items. On this day, many people come to the park, to meet other people or just to walk. There is a pleasant atmosphere.

The open-air theatre hosts performances and concerts, as does the Vondelpark Pavilion at the edge of the Vondelpark, which has been opened as Vondel CS since May 2014. In the middle of the Vondelpark is a nice restaurant called the blue teahouse (Het Blauwe Theehuis). The menu includes many different flavours of Beer. On the south of the park is the Vondeltuin. If you want to spend the night next to the vondelpark, there is a Stayokay hostel .


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