How to use Day Tickets in Amsterdam

Are you thinking on visiting Amsterdam with Public Transport? Then we will provide you with all the information and service you need for traveling in Amsterdam. We explain exactly on how to use Public Transport in Amsterdam and how our Amsterdam Day Tickets work.

Using Public Transport in Holland is fairly easy. When entering a vehicle, you check in with your day pass and when you arrive at your destination, you check out. That’s it!

So what are your plans on visiting Amsterdam and how?

We have an short list of ways to travel and what kind of ticket you need:

Schiphol Transfer Amsterdam Day Pass

When you arrive at Schiphol Airport, traveling to Amsterdam should be very easy. With our Amsterdam Travel Ticket you can travel from the Schiphol Plaza Trainstation easily to Amsterdam Central or other locations around the centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Travel Ticket

With the Amsterdam Travel Ticket (1, 2 or 3) day pass you can travel unlimited from Schiphol to Amsterdam with NS trains and use the Public transportation in Amsterdam. In the city you can also use the commuter GVB (blue/white vehicles) unlimited with the Amsterdam Travel Ticket.

Are you considering to discover places outside Amsterdam? Then see the next description about the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket.

Are you staying more days in Amsterdam? Then there is also a cheaper option.
See our information about the Amsterdam Hour Pass of the GVB.

Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

Amsterdam Travel Ticket 1 Day, 2 Days or 3 Days

 18,00 30,00

Amsterdam & Region’s | Day pass for North-Holland

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam, but also want to see the region’s around Amsterdam? With the Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket you have a wise and cheap way to travel unlimited. With this Amsterdam Day Pass you can not only transfer from Schiphol, like the Amsterdam Travel Ticket, but also travel all around the province of North-Holland. See the full map here

This day pass is useable with all public transport in North-Holland. So you can travel fast en easily with trains, bus, trams, and metro.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

The Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket (1, 2 or 3) allows you to travel unlimited. When buying the day pass, you get an handy map, that show you all the locations and points of intrest, where you can travel to.

When you are planning more then just visiting Amsterdam and his regions, then take a look at our information about the OV-chipcard.

Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket 1, 2 or 3 day

 21,00 40,50

Amsterdam Day Ticket | GVB Hours Pass

If you are planning to stay only in the city of Amsterdam, we would recommend to check out the GVB Amsterdam Hour Tickets. These tickets can only be used in Tram, busses and metro of the GVB. These are also available for longer time periods and are cheaper then the other ticket mentioned above.

Amsterdam GVB Day pass

As most of our tickets, the GVB day pass will be shipped to your house address or can be picked up at our convenient pickup service points.

Are you planning on staying long in the Netherlands or maybe you want to visit multiple places? Then the national transport ticket you need is the OV-chipcard.
Read everything about the OV-chipcard here below.

Public Transport Tickets Amsterdam

Public Transport Amsterdam Day Ticket- GVB

 9,00 41,00

Long stay ticket | The OV-chipcard

When you are staying in Amsterdam for more than 7 days it might be beneficial to buy a public transport chip card (ov-chipkaart) instead of day tickets. With the public transport chipcard you only pay for the distance you actually travel.

How to use OV-chipcard in Amsterdam

The public transport chip card is a plastic card that let you travel on credits. Travelling with the public transport chip card is very easy because it allows you to travel with all the carriers including the NS (Dutch railway).

Customers can buy this card in our webshop for € 8,-. Customers can also upload the card with credits at your arrival in Amsterdam or Airport Schiphol and reload the card during your stay.

National Public Transport Tickets Holland

Public Transport Chip Card

 8,50 60,45

Visiting Amsterdam with Public Transport

Amsterdam is ideal for traveling with Public Transport. Plan your trip ahead, check out for up to date travel information.

Below we have many articles about points of intrest and other attractions of Amsterdam. If you want to book Tourist tickets in advance, like boat tours or meseum tickets, check out our Tourist Ticket shop for tickets with discount.

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