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1-Hour transport ticket Amsterdam


1-hour transport ticket for the GVB Amsterdam. Valid 1 hour from the first check-in. Easy in use, fast and secure delivery.


This 1-hour transport ticket Amsterdam allows you to travel for one hour from your first check-in on all routes by GVB transporter, the main transport company in Amsterdam, regardless of distance. The ticket can be purchased here in the web-whop. Safe, fast and easy.

If your don’t want to buy day-tickets, the 1 hour ticket is a good alternative.

Where can I travel with this ticket?

All over in Amsterdam and region with the main transport company GVB. There are some lines in Amsterdam which are not operated by GVB where this ticket is not valid.

Specifics about the 1-hour transport ticket Amsterdam

Within the one hour period, there is not limit to the number of transfers you make to different GVB routes. However, you must check in (when boarding) and check out (when disembarking). Otherwise, the ticket will no longer work. After the one hour period has expired, the ticket is no longer usable. The GVB 1-hour ticket is not valid on the GVB night buses.


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