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Walibi Public Transport Holland

Theme Park Walibi

Walibi is one of the biggest theme parks in the Netherlands! Its famously know for it’s thrilling rollercoasters. If you are a rollercoaster junkie, then Walibi is the place to be!
Its world famous rollercoaster the “Goliath” which is the fastest, highest and longest coaster in the Benelux! This attraction can a speed of up to 107 kilometres per hour from a drop of 46.31 meters.

The park opened in 1971 as ‘Flevohof. In the 2000’s the park was taken over by an American company and renamed to ‘Six Flags Holland’. Ownership of the park went back and forth, until 2011 when it was sold again and was brought back to the name Walibi. The park has now over 40 attractions in all sorts of kinds! If you want to know which is suitable for you, check out there list of rides and coasters

Halloween in Holland

Are you looking for one of the scariest Halloween events of the year? Then you should definitely visit Walibi’s Halloween Fright Nights around October and November. At night the park transforms itself into a horror park, with actors that will do everything they can to make you scream. Halloween Fright Nights is on: 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 October and 1 November 2020. You can get your scare on from 18.00 until 23.00.

If you are interested in this horror show, make sure to buy your tickets, available on there website

Walibi Public Transport

Walibi is located in Bindinghuizen in the province of Flevoland. If you are planning to travel to the park by public transport, you can use the special bus line they offer. From Station Hardewijk you can travel with the Walibi Express Bus 247 directly to the park! You can use the OV-chipcard that is available in our shop.

If you plan to travel for more days through The Netherlands, you could better choose for the temporary (‘lease’) OV-chipkaart which is the official transportation card for all public transportation!

See: Lease Transport Chip Card

National Public Transport Tickets Holland

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National Public Transport Tickets Holland

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National Public Transport Tickets Holland

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