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Ordering your Personal OV-chipcard


Ordering your Personal OV-chipcard by the Public Transport Holland Shop. Complete managed.

  • Please enter your date of birth (format: yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Accepted file types: jpg.
    The personal photo doesn't need to be an official passport photo, however it will need to conform to some standards. The photo should:
    • Be in JPG file format
    • Show only the face of the person traveling with this card
    • Be of true likeness to the person traveling with this card
    • Show the entire face. Chin, mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows must be visible, even in case if the face is partially covered


With a  Personal OV-chipcard you can easily travel throughout The Netherlands with all kind of public transport (=OV  Openbaar Vervoer).

With a Personal OV-Chipcard you no longer need to think about separate tickets. You pay easily, safe and quickly for ALL your public transport journeys in Holland (bus, tram, metro and train).

You upload the card with travel credits (saldo) , here in our webshop, or load a travel product (subscription) onto it. For journeys with Bus, Tram or Metro you need a minimum credit of € 4   and for the trains the minimum is: € 20

On a Personal OV-chipcard you can have age discount and you can upload all kind of subscriptions (much cheaper for regular travellers).


Easy to travel, check-in and check-out.

  • Passengers with ages: 4-11 yrs or  65+ yrs have automatically 34-40% discount on Bus-Tram-Metro journeys
  • Automatic reload of travel credit from a Dutch bank account
  • Online overview of all  journeys
  • Possibility of blocking the card when the card is lost
  • Payment by all payment options, like Paypal, Creditcard, Mister Cash, etc.

After you ordered your Personal OV-chipcard we will manage the process of delivering your Personal OV-chipkaart.

You will receive an additional e-mail for further information and actions.

Within two weeks you will receive your personal OV-chipkaart at your location.



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