Zaanse Schans – Zaandam

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is one of the most historical places of Holland where you can relive the 18th century. This little neighborhood is located in “Zaandam” (near Amsterdam) and is famous because of its beautiful scenery with typical windmills and 18th century houses.

Zaanse Schans Tourism


In the Zaanse Schans there are many historical events, monuments and museums. For instance, you can see the production of the typical Dutch clogs (klompen=wooden shoes). There is a replica of the first supermarket of “Albert Heijn”, also see or participate in a workshop to make the famous Dutch cheese. Walk inside the ‘Jisperhuisje’, a historical fisherman’s cottage to see how a  household was done in the 18th century. Make sure to dress up in typical 18th century Dutch clothes for a nice photograph or a selfie to take home. (Fee: 1€ for children and 2€ for adults)

Countryside & Windmills Tour

Are you looking for the ultimate tour of our Dutch Country side and windmills? We offer an 7 hour day trip throughout the Netherlands with the 3 most famous countryside locations.

Go with on a live guide to Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Marken! This tour will include a scenic boat trip between Marken and Volendam and many live demonstration of Dutch culture!

You’ll be seeing a live demo on how a typical Dutch clog is made, with an old operating steam machine and a Cheese and syrup waffle demonstration.

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The largest museum in Zaandam is the “Zaans museum en Verkade Experience”; Verkade is the most famous Dutch cookie and chocolate factory. You may see objects as clothing, paintings and materials of the largest cookie and chocolate factory of 20th century in Holland.

The monumental Honig Breethuis will show you how a typical Zaanse merchant family lived back in the year 1830. The owner of the white paper mill “The Vergulde Bijkorf”.

In the ‘Molenmuseum’ a large collection of scale models is shown of oil-, paper-, peeling- and wood saw mills. It gives you a complete overview of the rise and fall of industrial (wind-)mills. The models show how the windforce was and therefore taken by the blades and transferred by different but ingenious mechanisms in the heart of the windmill. These mechanisms were different per mill.

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Transportation for Zaanse Schans

For visiting the Zaanse Schans and the larger Region of Amsterdam you may buy the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket for 1-2-3 days.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

If you plan to travel for more days through The Netherlands, you could better choose for the temporary (‘lease’) OV-chipkaart which is the official transportation card for all public transportation!

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