Panorama Mesdag Museum

Panorama of Scheveningen

permanent collection

The Panorama of Scheveningen is a cylindrical painting of about 14 meters high and with a circumference of 120 meters. The painting gives you a 360 degree view of the sea, the dunes and the fishing village of Scheveningen as it was in 1881. This incredible painting, more than 14 meters high and 120 meters in circumference, was painted by  Hendrik Willem Mesdag, with help from his colleagues De Bock, Breitner, Mesdag-Van Houten and Blommers. The museum has 2 temporary exhibitions and in addition there is also a permanent exhibition that is always on display.

Step back in time and experience a unique view of our cultural heritage with the oldest 19th century panorama in the world on its original site.

Panorama Mesdag museum is located in The Hague, and tickets can be bought easily online. See their website.

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