Randstad-North Zone Monthly Subscription


The Randstad-North Zone monthly subscription is the subscription for all lines of EBS, GVB, Syntus and Connexxion in the region Noord-Holland and Almere, as long as your zone of choice is located in te Randstad-Noord zone. First, enter in the information below and then click on ‘add to cart’.

most of our orders are delivered by post.
Keep this in mind when you place your order!
(we will charge extra costs when canceling)

  • Fill in the 16 digit number you see in your ov-chipcard
  • Please enter the date you would like to start your subscription.
  • What is your desired centre zone?

    Your centre zone is at the centre of your route. So if you get in at point A and get out at point C, your city center zone is B. How do I choose my city center zone? (Opens in new window)

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