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Public Transport Chip Card – Traveling Credit € 20,00

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€ 20,00 traveling credit for your personal or anonymous Public Transport Chip Card. After purchase your credit will need to be retrieved at an AVM before it can be used.

  • Enter the 16-digit number on your public transport chip card.
  • 0,00 €


This traveling credit can be loaded on to the anonymous or personal Public Transport Chip Card “OV-Chipkaart). Please note that your Chip Card can contain a maximum of € 150,00 of credit.

Any traveling credit that is purchased online will be made ready for retrieval at an AVM in the Netherlands. This means your Chip Card does not physically have the credit yet after your purchase. The credit can be retrieved easily and for free at any supermarket, metro station or train station in the Netherlands, including Schiphol Airport. See also the instructions.

The credit can be used in Trams, Metros, Trains, Buses and Ferries throughout the Netherlands. Note that before you travel by train using your OV-Chipkaart you must activate your card for “reizen op saldo”, traveling on credit in the train (either first or second class). Also note that your credit must be at least 20,00 euros in order to be able to travel by train.

If you do not have an OV-Chipkaart yet you can order one in our webshop, loaded with credit of your choice and activated for traveling by train if this is demanded.


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