Seville Travel Ticket


Discover Seville with ease and savings! Planning a trip to Seville and looking for the best way to get around the city? Look no further than the Seville Travel Ticket. This travel pass offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for exploring Seville hassle-free. With the Seville Travel Card, you’ll have unlimited access to public transportation for 3 days, allowing you to easily navigate and discover everything Seville has to offer.

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Seville Travel Card

As mentioned earlier, the Seville Travel Card provides unlimited access to public transportation for a set number of days, offering convenience and savings for visitors exploring the city.

Public transport

Metro: Seville has a single metro line (Line 1) that connects major areas of the city, including the historic center, the Expo area, and the outskirts. The metro is clean, efficient, and a great option for traveling longer distances within the city.

Tram: The tram system in Seville, known as the Metrocentro, serves the city center and provides a convenient way to travel between key landmarks such as Plaza Nueva, Puerta de Jerez, and Prado de San Sebasti√°n.

Bus: Seville has an extensive bus network operated by TUSSAM (Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla). Buses cover virtually every part of the city, including neighborhoods, suburbs, and surrounding towns. It’s a flexible and affordable option for getting around, with frequent services and routes running throughout the day.